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Extranjeras en el Abierto Tampico 2015

En el Abierto Tampico 2015, que se celebra por tercer año consecutivo, hemos podido observar a grandes jugadoras internacionales, quienes sin duda han mostrado gran nivel dentro de la cancha. Dicho nivel, tiene a los asistentes al evento bastante contentos con lo que se vive en el Centro Libanés de Tampico, Tamaulipas.

VIDEO: Actividad internacional en el Abierto Tampico 2015 (Miércoles)

Las jugadoras internacionales que se dieron cita en el puerto y ciudad de Tampico fueron alrededor de 28, y poco a poco se han ido eliminando para avanzar a fases finales dentro del certamen que finaliza el próximo sábado 10 de Octubre.

Hasta el momento solo sobreviven 7 extranjeras por 1 mexicana; Kristie Ahn que es de Estados Unidos y ocupa el lugar número 254 en el ranking, Grace Min también de Estados Unidos, que está en el lugar 224, Alize Lim de Francia que se ubica en el lugar 175, Alice Matteucci de Italia quien está en el 372, Martina Caregaro de Italia que ocupa el lugar 309 en el ranking, Nadia Podoroska de Argentina ubicada en el lugar 409 y Lino Domínguez de España quien es la mejor en el ranking de las que jugarán los cuartos de final, ya que se ubica en el lugar 96, mientras que la única mexicana que está en esta fase, es Victoria Rodríguez que está en el lugar 226 del ranking.

Martina Caregaro de Italia, resaltó el gran nivel que ha habido entre sus compañeras de profesión además de que se ha sentido muy contenta con la organización ya que las canchas están en muy buenas condiciones, El calor le ha costado a la italiana, pues en su país natal ahora estan a diez grados. Caregaro viene de jugar en el Abierto de Monterrey, así como el de Ciudad Victoria. Para avanzar a las semifinales en Tampico, se medirá a Victoria Rodríguez, la favorita de los aficionados.

También platicamos con la paraguaya Verónica Cepede, quien ahora está jugando en dobles con la rusa Marina Melnikova, y nos comentó que ha sido un nivel muy alto, destacó la organización que se ha tenido en el abierto pues les han dado todas las facilidades. Mientras que para Marcela Zacarías este era el final de su gira, para Cepede, el Abierto Tampico 2015 representa el regreso a las canchas tras un descanso. Ella junto con Melnikova se estarán jugando el pase a la final de dobles el viernes.

Los encuentros programados para el Jueves 8 de Octubre son:

Singles (Cuartos de Final)

Kristie Ahn (USA) vs Grace Min (USA).

Nadia Podoroska (ARG) vs Lino Domínguez (ESP).

Victoria Rodríguez (MEX) vs Martina Caregaro (ITA).

Alize Lim (FRA) vs Alice Matteucci (ITA).

Dobles (Cuartos de Final)

Carolina Betancourt (MEX) Nadia Podoroska (ARG) vs. Chieh-Yu Hse (TPE) Grace Min (USA)

Paula Ormaechea (ARG) Francesca Segarelli (DOM) vs. Elise Mertens (BEL) Maria Sánchez (USA)

*Nota redactada con la colaboración de Leo Deantes (@LeoDeantes) 1 Year Anniversary!

It was on June 10, 2014 when Oscar Sports had its first article published. The World Cup was approaching and I was desperately looking for a job. I saw that blogging was becoming a pretty big deal everywhere I looked and that the World Cup in Brazil was probably a good time to get my first words in. One year ago today, a dream became a reality in both English and Spanish. was created not only to inform but also to challenge the regular media outlets that in countries like Mexico talk about soccer the whole time. They only give 10% of their time or less to other athletes in other disciplines. As someone that has lived through that, it was my way of saying, there is a lot of ground to cover and it’s not just all about soccer.

The Beginnings

Since that day, I can probably count with one or two hands the amount of posts related to soccer, while the other 60 or so have been about everything but soccer. From the Mexico City Marathon to the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix, I’ve tried to cover as much ground as possible for one writer that still has other things to do. It is nice to see that people read what comes out in this site and that there hasn’t been more than three days in a full year where there is traffic in this website. So far, there have been 72 posts in this website and that number will exponentially grow next year.

Take into consideration that I don’t get paid for this, just yet. This project was born after fighting against many other media companies that felt I wasn’t ready for them. I’ve always believed I am ready for wherever life takes me, and this website is going with me. I wouldn’t like doing something without a purpose. This is my way to say I’m here, hope you are interested.

I’m not opposed to the idea of taking OscarSports to a FIFA World Cup. I would just focus on everything that goes around it, and not in the actual games. The amount of planning, logistics and expenses that derive from such type of events is beyond anyone’s imagination, which takes me to my next point.

The Idea

If you read the My View tab in this website, its says that this website is all about giving you a different perspective from what you hear and see in the news. If you are tired of listening to commentators talk about how awful a team played, here you will most likely learn about the background leading up to a game, tournament, race, etc…

I’m looking to create a space for people to understand the importance of other sports. How big athletes not only go by the names of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. We also have Dez Bryant (it was a catch), Roger Federer, Lewis Hamilton, Lebron James, Jordan Spieth, and the list goes on and on. Heroes don’t always chase a soccer ball. The swing bats, put on tennis shoes, hit a golf ball, drive a very fast car. Some of them have a very humble background and no matter how good they get, their salaries barely ever match their greatness.

I look at athletes like you and me, that may not ever make it big, but that want to enjoy what they do. In a marathon only 3% of the runners are widely known, the others are there to prove no one but themselves that they can do it. Amateur events keep growing in size and that is something you may start seeing more and more of in the future here at OscarSports.

The Future

As I said, this was not only a year to test the waters. With over 4,000 viewers in the first 365 days, I am more convinced than when I started about how big this can turn out to be. I will increase my presence in national and international events. With your help, this will keep growing. Some plans even include live broadcasts from events. Short and long stories in video format about every event that OscarSports gets to be at. Formula 1 in Mexico City, I’m going for you. There will be more people that will collaborate with the content. All I ask for you is to keep coming back, so I can keep this dream alive for as long as possible.

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