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Rolling With the Punches in 2014

If I could only use one word to describe the past 364 days of my life I could use either crazy or unexpected. Every year you want to become a better person, better at what you do and how you treat others, at least that is what I want. This year is hard to sum up in one blog with everything that happened but I will give it a try.

I feel thankful for most of the things that I got to accomplish this year. A year that was perfectly scripted the day it started but somewhere along the way that script got erased and life has not been the same. I wanted to keep my job, keep working in the United States, develop into a strong journalist and earn a reputation that could open me the doors more easily anywhere. I realized that sometimes no matter how good you are, your passport can hurt you.

I can’t complain of what I had to do to believe I was ready for any challenge. In the first half of my year, while I was still working at Telemundo in DFW. I covered the “Heart of Dallas Bowl” the first day of the year between my alma matter and the University of Nevada in Las Vegas where U.N.T. took the title. I had worked many games back at U.N.T. watching the program develop into what happened that first day of 2014 at the Cotton Bowl, so I was happy to be there.

Then came the Cotton Bowl at AT&T Stadium, many Rangers games, a U.F.C. fight, Mavericks games including a playoff series against the San Antonio Spurs who would later win the championship. I was working on my own stories, I felt I was on my way to easily get a work visa once my student visa expired. I had gone through a lot of punches in my early career, I was starting to feel some stability in my life. Unfortunately that changed, after a great year and a half with Telemundo I had to say goodbye.

Before I knew it I was heading home not only after 18 months in Telemundo but almost six years living on my own in the United States. I wanted to say everything happens for a reason and more than six months after that happened that is still not so clear to me. I came back thinking my degree from a U.S. University would be my easy way in to a good job in Mexico. With the World Cup around the corner nothing mattered more for media corporations than what happened in Brazil.

i spent time at home thinking and trying to rebuild my life. Trying to find a meaning to whatever happened in this new era for me. It was and still is hard for me to understand why things happen the way it has. After half a year of sending resumes to many different places and not finding one full-time job many questions are raised.

Meanwhile I did have some nice experiences. I covered a triathlon, a marathon and to top it all off a Formula 1 Race. This last one was the best thing that could happen to me at any given moment, and after struggling with the job hunt, it was even better news. It was a one week job that I will remember for a lifetime. As a fan of the sport, having all the pilots, cars and celebrities (including Pam Anderson) walk right by me and stopping for pictures was like giving the key to a kid for a candy store. It felt surreal, but it could not be more real. At the end of the race I did not care about the outcome as much as I did not want it to end.

I like to say I went to heaven and came back the day after it ended and it is something that I believe truly adds to my curriculum. Since that trip I kept on traveling all over the place for almost two months. I was not staying in the same place for more than five days straight. I had a trip to shoot my first commercial, a project in which I am still working, and I was at home (Mexico City) to watch one of my favorite soccer teams win the national league championship.

After many weeks of being depressed by not finding a job I used travel to keep my busy and productive. I did everything including running a marathon where I had to sacrifice the will of qualifying for Boston due to an injury and now could only worry on finishing to remember how great that feels.

At the end of the year I am happy with most of the things that happened this 2014 but I am still seeking for that emotional, personal and professional stability. I know I’ve been through a lot and that this roller coaster will never end even if I want it to. That is how life goes, there are reasons to feel sad about 2014 but more to feel happy.

I started to keep talking about sports, one of the things I love the most, and 2015 will be big for this project. This website will experience changes for the better early this new year. This is my new baby which I will keep feeding to make it grow. If work does not come to me I have to create it for myself and this is it.

I know I have to keep rolling with the punches, that is the only way to grow, to mature and to become a better version of yourself. I will not give up in the seek of better things and I hope that everyone that made it this far in this post does the same. Happy New Year everyone!

Last Week in Sports (Dec. 2- Dec. 7)


It was the farewell Landon Donovan wanted and most of the United States soccer fans though he deserved. The L.A. Galaxy, a team that had been Donovan´s home for many years with the exception of a short period when he went to play in England. On December 7th the captain of the team had the chance to step off the pitch on a high note and another championship on his impressive resumé. The game was as close as it was expected, New England Revolution made the trip to Carson to try and ruin a party they had already lost against the same team two other times. First half went by scoreless but in the second half the home team took the lead at the 70th minute while New England reacted quickly and tied it up before regulation time was over.

Even though the night was supposed to belong to captain America, his teammate Robbie Keane (named MLS MVP) had better plans for himself and scored the championship winning goal in overtime. That meant L.A. would earn their fifth championship trophy and Donovan his sixth MLS title.

In Mexico the final is now set between Club América and Tigres. Both teams took advantage of being better placed than their rivals in the general standings. America only needed a 3-0 win halfway through the week against Monterrey to pretty much clinch their championship ticket with a scoreless draw in the second game. Tigres did not score a single goal in the whole series and that was enough for them to leave Toluca buried in the semifinals. Now it will be the first time both teams face-off in the final series, but the third time America makes it to the final stage in the last four tournaments.


Coming into week 14 the Eagles were in a position that pretty had the Cowboys praying for a miracle to stay in the hunt for a playoff game. That miracle came pretty soon and the Seahawks tamed the Eagles on the road 24 to 14. Now both NFC East teams have a 9-4 record and will meet in Philly next Sunday Night for a game that could decide who makes it to the playoffs. The Cowboys will finally finish over .500 in the season after beating the Bears at Soldier Field on Thursday Night. It was a big game for SMU alum Cole Beasley that had two big touchdowns. 179 was the total yardage that DaMarco Murray covered during the game with one touchdown. That performance In a night where the Cowboys won 41-28 has #25 tied with legendary Emmitt Smith for 11 games in one season rushing for over 100 yards. Finally the San Francisco 49ers fell in the “Battle of the Bay” to the Oakland Raiders in Oakland by 24 to 13.


With cooler temperatures some sports shut down for the winter but some others are just heating up. That is the case of Alpine Skiing and this week in Beaver Creek, Colorado some of the Giant Slalom greatest stars put their skills to the test. Even though the competition was done in American snow, that was not a reason for the Europeans to put their best foot forward in foreign ground. Out of the top ten athletes, eight came from overseas. The hopes of the home crowd not only rested on the American athletes but there was one that carried most of the pressure coming into the gates. Ted Ligety, who had four metal screws inserted into his hand after an accident in training just over two weeks ago had a performance nothing short of impressive.After staying within the top five after the first round, he took down Alexis Pinturault from France and Marcel Hirscher from Austria for a fifth win in the mountains of Colorado and his 23rd win in the World Cup Series.


Even though the season is over there are two stories to talk about here. The first one involving the future of Jenson Button with McLaren. While Fernando Alonso is coming into his old team, it is unknown who will be his teammate in the grid. After tests in Abu Dhabi, the high chairs of McLaren have not made a decision. They first said it would come at the beginning of December, then set the date for December 3rd and nothing happened, then nothing has been said and the speculation is even getting Jenson nervous. Meanwhile the decision could be taking some time after Kevin Magnussen proved to have great skills while driving for the British team and it could mean he is a better option if you are looking for years down the road.

Over 60 trophies were stolen from the Red Bull’s headquarters this past weekend by a group of six burglars. Christian Horner, the team’s sporting director reported that no one in the facility was injured but that the damage was not measured in the number of trophies stolen but the amount of work everyone in the factory had put in to make the drivers win those trophies. Until today there is no news about the whereabouts of the trophies or the people who committed the crime.


Hard to believe that one of the leagues best teams right now is the Golden State Warriors. After beating Chicago on the road last Sunday they reached a 12 game wining streak. They have only lost two games and even though the season is still young the team might be heating up for some big things no one expected them. Toronto Raptors are leading the Eastern Conference. The team has not been so consistent in racking up wins but lucky enough other teams in their conference have not found a rythm. Kevin Durant is back to play with the Thunder after healing from his injury, his team really needs him before its too late. Dallas had a busy week last week with four games and managed to win three of them. Miami lost all of its four games last week and sure hopes to bounce back this week.