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Buenos Para Regañar ¿Pero Para Apoyar?

Esta semana una atleta de la delegación mexicana en Toronto, que esta compitiendo en natación estalló y de manera muy justificada en contra de el Comité Olímpico Mexicano. Su nombre es Fernanda González y su caso no sólo le ha dado la vuelta a México sino al mundo.

La nadadora fue separada de su equipo una hora antes de competir en una final norteamericana por varios directivos del COM. Ello exigían que la mejor nadadora del país se presentara a la prueba con un traje que no le acomodaba. La discusión se llevo a cabo en un cuarto donde ella fue encerrada y amenazada con no poder ni siquiera presentarse a la prueba y tener que tomar el primer vuelo del siguiente día rumbo a México.

González expresó en una entrevista con CLARO Sports que la amenazas la desconcentraron a la hora de su prueba. Ella quería nadar en un evento para el cual se había preparado por mucho tiempo y ver como había gente que no le iba a permitir ir en busca de un boleto a Brasil 2016 realmente causó molestias en la nadadora, y todo por un traje de baño.

La entrevista que le ha dado la vuelta al mundo

González se presentó a la prueba muy golpeada anímicamente. La competidora del Distrito Federal terminó en octavo lugar, seis segundos por encima de sus tiempos a los que nos tiene acostumbrada. El traje que le exigían ponerse le quedaba chico a Fernández y no dio el pie a torcer por más que los directivos se lo pedían.

Poco después se dio otro caso similar que aunque no causó tanto revuelo fue cuando Aida Román se colgó la medalla de plata en el Tiro con Arco por equipos. Ella es patrocinada por Banamex, y el logo del banco aparece en su gorra. Eso causó cierta molestia en los directivos que por el momento han preferido no hacer más escándalo y dejarla competir, ya que al parecer a ellas no les dan gorras. Como si a cierto equipo no les dieran calcetas para jugar fútbol.

A todo esto, una de las clavadistas más exitosas en el deporte mexicano constató que no es la primera vez que los directivos buscan el protagonismo durante los Juegos Panamericanos. Paola Espinoza fue amenazada de igual forma que a González por no ponerse el traje que la delegación les había proporcionado, su razón era simple, falta de calidad.

“Mi primera prueba fue diez metros individual, yo usé el traje que me dieron, no me gustó, se transparentaba, por eso no me lo puse. Competí con otro de otra marca, me regañan y en las demás competencias competí con el traje que ellos me dieron, entonces, también me llevé la regañada de mi vida.,” comentó Espinoza quien hasta se tuvo que esconder para competir.

Mientras que a la Selección de Fútbol siempre le proporcionan uniformes de la más alta calidad, en otros deportes se conforman con lo mínimo indispensable, en deportes donde la tecnología de la vestimenta llega a influir mucho. Imagínense que bien se vería toda la delegación mexicana con NIKE o Adidas y uniformes hechos a su medida.

Otro caso más se dió en el ciclismo. Sofía Arreola tiene que competir varias veces al día y sólo se le proporciono uno, por lo que generó incomodidad el tener que usarlo sucio durante el día. Por cierto, todas las que se han quejado, le han dado medallas a México, así que conformistas no son.

Mientras que Arreola se enfoca en eventos de pista, Ana Teresa Casas (especialista en ruta) no pudo a asistir a Canadá cuando la Federación Mexicana de Ciclismo le dió el lugar que ella se había ganado a Arreola, quien es hija del vicepresidente de la FMC, Ricardo Arreola. Sus esfuerzos en las evaluaciones no fueron tomados en cuenta y ni siquiera le avisaron que había quedado fuera, simplemente no le dijeron nada.

Es cierto que representar a México es un orgullo, pero en el COM y la CONADE a veces exageran. Ya se les pagará a los atletas por sus medallas, pero no es todo lo que estos atletas piden. Ellos no quieren regaños, quieren apoyo. Ellos no quieren que les corten los sueños, pero que les den alas para volar. Ellos quieren representar a México con orgullo y no con el miedo que los directivos les están poniendo a muchos de los atletas que el 95% de las veces no sienten el apoyo que merecen.

Si en México se quieren enorgullecer de los logros de sus deportistas, hay que apoyarlos como merecen. Brindarles instalaciones de calidad, uniformes de calidad. Casi cualquier universidad en Estados Unidos trata mejor a sus atletas que como lo hace la Conade y el COM.El talento de los mexicanos es evidente, y gracias a atletas como Fernanda, la falta criterio y apoyo por parte de los directivos es cada vez más evidente.

*A las 3:00 pm del 18 de julio del 2014, México lleva 50 medallas (11 de oro, 14 de plata y 25 de bronce)

OscarSports.com 1 Year Anniversary!

It was on June 10, 2014 when Oscar Sports had its first article published. The World Cup was approaching and I was desperately looking for a job. I saw that blogging was becoming a pretty big deal everywhere I looked and that the World Cup in Brazil was probably a good time to get my first words in. One year ago today, a dream became a reality in both English and Spanish.

OscarSports.com was created not only to inform but also to challenge the regular media outlets that in countries like Mexico talk about soccer the whole time. They only give 10% of their time or less to other athletes in other disciplines. As someone that has lived through that, it was my way of saying, there is a lot of ground to cover and it’s not just all about soccer.

The Beginnings

Since that day, I can probably count with one or two hands the amount of posts related to soccer, while the other 60 or so have been about everything but soccer. From the Mexico City Marathon to the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix, I’ve tried to cover as much ground as possible for one writer that still has other things to do. It is nice to see that people read what comes out in this site and that there hasn’t been more than three days in a full year where there is traffic in this website. So far, there have been 72 posts in this website and that number will exponentially grow next year.

Take into consideration that I don’t get paid for this, just yet. This project was born after fighting against many other media companies that felt I wasn’t ready for them. I’ve always believed I am ready for wherever life takes me, and this website is going with me. I wouldn’t like doing something without a purpose. This is my way to say I’m here, hope you are interested.

I’m not opposed to the idea of taking OscarSports to a FIFA World Cup. I would just focus on everything that goes around it, and not in the actual games. The amount of planning, logistics and expenses that derive from such type of events is beyond anyone’s imagination, which takes me to my next point.

The Idea

If you read the My View tab in this website, its says that this website is all about giving you a different perspective from what you hear and see in the news. If you are tired of listening to commentators talk about how awful a team played, here you will most likely learn about the background leading up to a game, tournament, race, etc…

I’m looking to create a space for people to understand the importance of other sports. How big athletes not only go by the names of Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. We also have Dez Bryant (it was a catch), Roger Federer, Lewis Hamilton, Lebron James, Jordan Spieth, and the list goes on and on. Heroes don’t always chase a soccer ball. The swing bats, put on tennis shoes, hit a golf ball, drive a very fast car. Some of them have a very humble background and no matter how good they get, their salaries barely ever match their greatness.

I look at athletes like you and me, that may not ever make it big, but that want to enjoy what they do. In a marathon only 3% of the runners are widely known, the others are there to prove no one but themselves that they can do it. Amateur events keep growing in size and that is something you may start seeing more and more of in the future here at OscarSports.

The Future

As I said, this was not only a year to test the waters. With over 4,000 viewers in the first 365 days, I am more convinced than when I started about how big this can turn out to be. I will increase my presence in national and international events. With your help, this will keep growing. Some plans even include live broadcasts from events. Short and long stories in video format about every event that OscarSports gets to be at. Formula 1 in Mexico City, I’m going for you. There will be more people that will collaborate with the content. All I ask for you is to keep coming back, so I can keep this dream alive for as long as possible.

Some of the projects


In the world of a sports reporter, this past weekend was almost as good as it gets. In less than 48 hours we had a new Champions League king, two Roland Garros champions, a Triple Crown winner, an exciting race of Formula 1, the start of the Women’s Wolrd Cup and the NBA Finals to top it all off.

Triple Crown Drought Ends

Ever since 1978 that a jockey and his horse did not win the Triple Crown. The wait to see someone else accomplish that feat seemed to take on forever, but it was the Mexican Victor Espinoza who made history just outside of New York City by winning the Belmont Stakes. To win the Triple Crown, you must win the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes. Last year, Espinoza won the first two but failed to do so at Belmont. This year, despite a rough start, Espinoza lead his horse, American Pharoah to victory not just of the race but of the triple crown. We may have to wait another 37 years or more to see something similar happen again. To celebrate, he got to throw the first pitch of a MLB game at Yankee Stadium on Sunday.

Saturday was a day that fans of horse-riding were waiting for almost 40 years.
Saturday was a day that fans of horse-riding were waiting for almost 40 years.

Roland Garros Queen and King

Serena Williams proved that even while sick, she can still be considered the number one in the World. The American tennis player had to go the distance and beat Lucie Safarova in three sets, 6-3, 6-7, 6-2. The youngest of the Williams sister won her 20th major title and her second one of the year. She could become one of the few players to win all four Grand Slams within the same year. On the men´s side

On the men’s side Novak Djokovic was the clear favorite to win Roland Garros for the first time. He has won every other major tournament including the Australian Open this year. He won the first set on Sunday but after that, Stanislas Wawrinka assumed every risk possible to come out with the win. The Swiss man that has already won in Australia before, became what Rafael Nadal was to Federer for many years. The man that just would not let his swiss colleague win on clay. It took four sets for Wawrinka to claim the crown in France 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4.

Stan the Man beat Nole in what was predicted as an easy win for the Serbian player.
Stan the Man beat Nole in what was predicted as an easy win for the Serbian player.

Canadian Grand Prix

Formula 1 made a stop on one of its fastest circuits, Gilles Villenueve in Montreal, Canada. The 4.361-kilometer track allows for a lot of overtaking and no one did it better than Sebastian Vettel. He started in last place and made up some ground quickly. It was impossible to think about him getting on the points, but he made it look easy. After 70 laps, the 4-time World Champion and new driver for Ferrari finished in fifth. Lewis Hamilton won the race from start to finish and his teammate Nico Rosberg came in a close second. Valterri Bottas wrapped up a great race day for Williams, a team that had many problems over the weekend and in Monaco as well. Seein Bottas back on the podium was a nice sight for the English team.

Hamilton made it look easy to win another race in Formula 1 after the Monaco incident.
Hamilton made it look easy to win another race in Formula 1 after the Monaco incident.

NBA Finals

The National Basketball Association is wrapping up its 2015 season with Cleveland Cavaliers taking on the Golden State Warriors. The latter one had won the first game of the series that is decided by winning four games. Game 2 on Sunday was another thriller that proved just how good Lebron James can be and that there is no clear favorite in this series. With Kyrie Irving out for the rest of the series with an injury, all the weight of the Cavs hopes lie on the former Miami Heat star. He has averaged41.5 points, 12 rebounds, and 8.5 assists and that has the series tied at one win per team. Now they will travel to Cavs territory for game three and the odds are in nobody’s favor. Stephen Curry is the MVP and the leader of the Warriors.

Lebron James is on fire in this NBA Finals. He is the one to lead the Cavs to glory (Credi: Getty Images)
Lebron James is on fire in this NBA Finals. He is the one to lead the Cavs to glory (Credi: Getty Images)

Birmingham and Rome Athletics

It has been an interesting week and not for the right reasons in Track and Field. Alberto Salazar, one of the world’s best coaches is under investigation for a case in which he allegedly gave steroids and illegal substances to some of his athletes. Mo Farrah, who is one of them, was expected to participate in the Diamond League competition in Birmingham but the outside distractions got the best of him and he decided to withdraw. Bernard Lagat set a Masters Mile record of 3:41, just as Adam Gemili broke the 10-second barrier in the 100 meters, becoming the sixth British man to do so. A few days earlier in the Golden Gala in Rome, Ruth Veitia Vila became the oldest woman to clear two meters in the high jump.

Farah and Alberto will meet to discuss the allegations and if they should continue working together.
Farah and Alberto will meet to discuss the allegations and if they should continue working together.

Stanley Cup Finals

The Chicago Blackhawks have made it a tradition lately to make it all the way to the last series of the tournament. After two games they are tied 1-1 with Tampa Bay Lightning. Game three could give us a good hint of who can take it all. 80% of the time, the team that wins Game 3 after the series is tied, ends up winning the other two games it needs. Something that may go against them, is the fact that it is Tampa who carries a stronger momentum into the third game of the finals after winning the second game by 4-3.

Tampa Bay and Chicago are keeping hockey fan on the edge of their seats.
Tampa Bay and Chicago are keeping hockey fan on the edge of their seats.

UEFA Champions League

A new champion was to be crowned in Berlin after Real Madrid failed to reach the final. A lot of speculation surrounded soccer’s most important game at the club level. One team has been the most dominant club in the last decade, and the other was a big surprise to many despite its dominance in Italy. Lionel Messi was poised to become the first player to score in three UCL finals, but destiny had better plans for Neymar Jr. The Brazilian won his first Champions League title after scoring a brace  El Pistolero Luis Suarez scored the other goal in a 3-1 victory where Alvaro Morata temporarily tied the game. Xavi Hernandez now leaves the club with 25 titles and four Champions League titles. Barcelona became the first European team to win the treble twice. At 35, Andrea Pirlo might have played his last game for Juventus and probably his last match with an Italian team.

Neymar won his first Champions League title after his second season with Barcelona.
Neymar won his first Champions League title after his second season with Barcelona.

FIFA Women’s World Cup

Last year, the summer belonged to the men’s World Cup in Brazil. This year, it belongs to those who will be in Canada for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. The tournament kicked-off in Edmonton with a game between Canada and China. The host nation was about to settle for a scoreless draw when a penalty in their favor gave them the chance to get their first three points of the competition. On Sunday, Germany (ranked #1) beat Ivory Coast by 10-0 and no player scored twice. Now, the United States will make their debut against Australia, aiming to reach the final and win the tournament for the first time in 16 years.

Christine Sinclair scored the late goal in the opening game of the Women's World Cup.
Christine Sinclair scored the late goal in the opening game of the Women’s World Cup.

Atletas Famosos con Títulos Universitarios

Sabías que muchos de tus atletas favoritos salieron de universidades norteamericanas. El poder combinar el estudio y el deporte en Estados Unidos no es nada nuevo. Varios de tus ídolos cuentan con una carrera cursada. Aquí unos ejemplos.

1) Shaquille O’Neal

Uno de los jugadores más carismáticos en el mundo del basquetbol. Muchos lo recuerdan por sus partidos con los Lakers de Los Ángeles y el Orlando Magic. Muy pocos saben que Shaq ya hasta cuenta con un doctorado de Barry University en Miami. Su tesis consistió en investigar como los líderes de las empresas utilizan el humor en sus lugares de trabajo.

2) Tony Romo

El mariscal de campo de los Vaqueros de Dallas estudió su carrera en Eastern Illinois University en el área de negocios. Siempre fue subestimado desde la preparatoria donde debido a que no tuvo cupo en el equipo de fútbol, se inclinó por el fútbol americano. En la universidad no le dieron beca completa. En el draft nadie lo escogió y hoy es el jugador más importante de los de la Estrella Solitaria.

3) Michael Jordan

Si quieres ser como M.J. tal vez será bueno que estudies geografía. El mejor basquetbolista de todos los tiempos realizó sus estudios en esa área en la Universidad de Carolina del Sur. Su carrera universitaria fue pausada cuando se declaró listo para el draft. Una vez que los Chicago Bulls lo firmaron, regresó a terminar sus estudios antes de su cita con la historia.

Jordan no se hizo legendario sin su título universitario.
Jordan no se hizo legendario sin su título universitario.

4) Alex Morgan

Una de las mejores jugadoras de fútbol femenil salió de la Universidad de California en Berkeley. Obtuvo una infinidad de reconocimientos atléticos y académicos en sus cuatro años jugando para las Golden Bears. Estudió economía política y a pesar de sus múltiples compromisos logró graduarse un semestre antes de tiempo.

El talento de Alex Morgan va más allá del campo de fútbol.
El talento de Alex Morgan va más allá del campo de fútbol.

5) Ryan Lochte

El atleta que espera ser el nuevo estandarte de la natación norteamericana aprovechando que Michael Phelps no esta en su mejor momento es egresado de la Universidad de Florida en el 2007 al haber estudiao Sports Management. Fue lo mismo que Phelps estudió en Michigan pero se convirtió en profesional antes de terminar.

Ryan tiene un título universitario y Phelps no.
Ryan tiene un título universitario y Phelps no.

6) Ryan Hall

El mejor maratonista que haya nacido en Estados Unidos se graduó de la Universidad de Stanford en el 2006 habiendo estudiado Sociologia. Años más tarde, la universidad le rindió honor poniéndole su nombre a uno de los dormitorios. Hall ha participado en dos Olimpiadas (Beijing y Londres)

7) Kerri Walsh

La jugadora de voleibol playero también pisó las aulas de Stanford antes de convertirse en un ídolo dentro de su deporte. Ha sido catalogada junto con su compañera Misty-May Treanor como la mejor dupla en la historia. Para Walsh el poder presumir tres medallas de oro en olimpiadas y una licenciatura en Estudios Americanos (American Studies) no es cualquier cosa.

Kerri es de las atletas más completas a nivel mundial
Kerri es de las atletas más completas a nivel mundial

8) Phil Mickelson

Uno de los mejores golfistas en la actualidad empezó a jugar cuando apenas tenía tres años. Ha vivido pegado a sus bastones de golf y eso rindió muchos frutos cuando llego la hora de ir a la universidad. Obtuvo una beca completa para jugar y estudiar psicología en Arizona State University. A pesar de ganar un torneo de la PGA como amateur, no se fue de ASU sin su diploma en 1991.

Phil fue firme en su intención de mantenerse estudiando hasta recibir su diploma.
Phil fue firme en su intención de mantenerse estudiando hasta recibir su diploma.

9) Chris Wondolowski

El delantero de la selección de Estados Unidos participó en el Mundial de Brasil 2014 ya con título universitario en mano. Wondo se graduó de Chico State en California hace ya once años. Anotó 39 goles en 84 partidos a nivel colegial.

Wondo es de los mejores jugadores en la MLS
Wondo es de los mejores jugadores en la MLS

10) Tom Brady

El mariscal de campo de los Patriotas de Nueva Inglaterra parece tenerlo todo. Anillos de Super Bowl, fama, una de las mujeres más guapas como esposa y también un título universitario. Brady se graduó de la Universidad de Michigan en la que estudió Organizational Studies. Antes de salir elegido en el Draft del 200, la leyenda viviente ya tenía su currículum listo por si no lo llamaba nadie.

The Spieth Factor

Chances are you already know Jordan Spieth won The Masters at Augusta this past weekend. Not many people knew him ahead of this weekend but with his appearance at the David Letterman show, shortly after his feat, he is now the most popular golfer. Spieth, 21, is not new to success. Was not new to being in the final group on Sunday in one of golfs’ most prestigious tournaments. In his debut at one of golf’s biggest stages he finished in second.

Spieth, 21, is not new to success. Was not new to being in the final group on Sunday in one of golfs’ most prestigious tournaments. In his debut at Augusta he finished second after having the lead for almost three days and half of the last day. Many thought that would be the only chance the youngster got at wearing the Green Jacket. I personally hoped they were wrong.

Spieth was as cool as the other side of the pillow this weekend. He definitely matured over the year and showed his was no fluke at last year’s masters. He showed his talent against the best golfers in the world breaking records day by day. He knew nothing mattered the first three days if he did not end up winning on Sunday.

Spieth grabbed the lead on Day 1 and never gave it back.
Spieth grabbed the lead on Day 1 and never gave it back.

He managed to keep everyone at a safe distance behind him. He did not break down whenever he shot a bogey or even worst a double bogey on 17 on Saturday. He regrouped and saved the round with a par on 18 that same day. By then, he already had a scorecard of 16 strokes under par. That was a record already, but the question was if he would have a break down like in 2014 or finish the job this time.

The first nine holes showed he was not as strong as on the previous days, but he was able to make birdies after every almost every mistake. Spieth finished the front nine holes just one under par. A birdie on 10 gave him enough confidence to control the game moving forward.

A few wide shots from the tee here and there opened the door for Phil Mickelson and Justin Rose to plan on catching up with the Dallas native. The young man showed he wanted it really bad this time and got the job done even with a bogey on 18. With a scorecard of -18 when at one point it read -19. The best score ever at Augusta.

Spieth was able to bounce back from every mistake he made.
Spieth was able to bounce back from every mistake he made.

His game might not be solid right now, but just think of how good he can get whenever he gets more experience. He will be able to control the pressure and he is sure to rise to the occasion. He stayed calm throughout the whole weekend. Very methodical in his approach to every stroke, especially when putting from any distance.

Jordan delivered a game worthy of his talent. His achievement at Augusta now has him ranked second place in the world. He follows the steps of Rory McIlroy that failed to impress over the weekend. He is just as hungry for more just like Tiger Woods at the beginning of his career.

Spieth dropped out from the University of Texas to pursue his dream as a pro golfer. Sometimes that is a risky decision, for Spieth it seems to be the right one, otherwise golf history would not have been written the way it was this past few days at Augusta National.

He now joins a very select club of golfers who have won the Masters
He now joins a very select club of golfers who have won the Masters

The man now wears that green jacket everywhere he goes, his name joins the elite ranks of the game and at his young age, the sky is the limit for this Texan. He wants more, and if he continues to play like he did from April 9-12 he will reach higher heights tournament by tournament. The future of American golf may have found its man, and his name is Jordan Spieth.

Last Week in Sports (11/24 – 11/30)


Football got off to an early start for week 13 with three games on a Thursday. The Lions beat Chicago, the Seahawks on a Super Bowl rematch took control over the 49’ers and Mark Sanchez and the Eagles took care of business at Jerry World when they defeated the Cowboys. Both teams came into the annual Thanksgiving Day game with an 8-3 record and tied for the top spot of the NFC East. That same offensive line that provided great protection for Romo on the game against the Giants was no where to be seen in Week 13. Romo did not have a single TD pass, he struggled finding his targets and did not even reach the 200 yard passing mark. The difference was mostly made in the running game where DeMarco Murray just ran 73 yards while the Eagles running back LeSean McCoy got up to 159. The final score was 33-10 and there will be a rematch on week 15.


It was pretty much a complete domination by Mexico, the country which hosted the 2014 games in Veracruz, up until the last 70 hours of the competition. After being behind by over 20 gold medals in the medal count, the domination of Cuba in the Track and Field events including a win in the male marathon by Richer Pérez. The cubans got a total of 23 gold medals in these type of events while Mexico only managed to get eight. Two more in beach volleyball really sealed the deal for this delegation. While some may consider this result a failure for the host nation they can be proud of as it (Mexico) was awarded the most medals out of all the competition with 332. That way Cuba finished in first with 123 gold medals, Mexico second with 115 and Colombia was far back in third with 70.


The playoffs in the “Liga Bancomer MX”, got off to a weak start. Most of the games were decided by mistakes of the opponent than by good calls by the team that would end up winning. To make the story short between Pumas and America, the latter one advanced because of having finished at a higher spot during the regular season. Then Tigres and Pachuca was decided with the same argument benefiting Tigres. Toluca was no longer the team distinguished by its great playoff games and was lucky enough to eliminate Chiapas due to the same reasoning the last two games were decided with. Finally Monterrey was the only team to advance due to a positive goal differential after two games after losing the first by one but winning the second one by two. Now they will play America and Toluca will face Tigres.

In MLS action the final is set. Landon Donovan could not have a bigger stage to say farewell to his team and to the league that has seen him develop for many years. After a 2-2 tie in the aggregate with the Seattle Sounders, Galaxy advanced to the final due to the goal that L.A. scored as a visitor. They will play New England Revolution which eliminated the New York Red Bulls. Take into consideration that this was the last season New York only has one team, next year the New York Football Club will start competing and they have already signed international star David Villa to play for them. But the show must go on for now and both finalists will face each other on December 7th at the StubHub Center in Carson, California.

NCAA Football

It is hard to recap what happened in a league that has over 50 games every weekend but here are some of the highlights. Texas Christian University took care of business on the road and defeated Texas at Austin on Thanksgiving Day 48-10. The Oregon Ducks defeated Oregon State by 47-19. Baylor and Texas Tech battled it out at AT&T Stadium in what turned out to be a great game. At the end even though the Red Raiders outscored the Bears by 19-3 in the fourth quarter, the team from Waco, Texas got the win by 48-46. Number one ranked Alabama also played a high-scoring game against number 15 Auburn. This time a second half comeback by Alabama was good enough to take the “W” 55 to 44.


Last week in a game of cricket in Australia fans and players witnessed a horrific scene. A hit to the bottom of the neck of the 25 year old player left him unconscious. James Sutherland “CEO of Cricket Australia”, considered him a hero for kids around the nation and a role-model player. Two days after suffering the hit, Hughes lost his battle and died. His number 64 shirt is now retired and a match he was supposed to play with his national team against India has now been postponed.

Last Week In Sports (Nov. 17-23)


Lewis Hamilton wins the 2014 F1 Championship (daily.co.uk)
Lewis Hamilton wins the 2014 F1 Championship (daily.co.uk)

It was a much anticipated race under the lights of Abu Dhabi without a much anticipated result. The final 55 laps of the 2014 Formula 1 Season decided the winner of the entire year. Lewis Hamilton came in as the favorite but just 17 points behind was a german with an incredible will to win. Nico Rosberg, who has been friends with Hamilton since their days back in karting series when they were both around 12 years old took their lifelong rivalry to the biggest stage there is in motorsport. Rosberg who had qualified in first lost his lead before even getting to turn one. After being able to keep his teammate within reaching distance after one pit stop Rosberg faced his worst nightmare. His engine lost a tremendous amount of power and instead of fighting for a championship he had to fight the car to finish the race, which he did ending up in 14th spot. That way Lewis was able to relax for most of the race just working to keep Felippe Massa away from the lead. The brazilian put up a fight but was about 2 seconds shy of going past the now two-time world champion. Lewis Hamilton, who had been serious and barely talking the past week showed quite some emotion in the post-race stage when he had already sealed the deal. Rosberg was obviously not happy with his result but conducted himself appropriately and congratulated his teammate, plus acknowledged the superiority of Hamilton not just that day but throughout the season.


Interesting week in the NFL. The first shocker came from the Oakland Raiders who had not won a single game throughout the season but managed to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs 24-20 on Thursday Night Football. On Sunday Seattle and Denver got back to their winning ways and defeated Arizona and Miami respectively. It was also a good day for Aaron Rodgers who led the Green Bay Packers over the Vikings claiming the first spot on the NFC North with a 24-21 win. But the most exciting game once again involved the Dallas Cowboys as they showed up at MetLife Stadium in New York to face the Giants on Sunday Night Football. The Cowboys came off from a bye week where all their division rivals including Giants had lost. Eli Manning had thrown five interceptions on the past game. The game headed in the right direction for the local team who had a 21-10 lead heading into halftime. The Cowboys responded with 21 points on the second half including a game-winning drive of 80 yards with less than two minutes to go in the game. With a 31-28 win the team owned by Jerry Jones is 8-3 this season, about to clinch a playoff ticket.


It was a record just like any other that was meant to be broken and Leo Messi had been lingering around it for a long time. Telmo Zarra had of 251 La Liga goals. Messi had tried to break it at the Santiago Bernabeu during the derby but was unluck for that one and the next two matches. Saturday against Sevilla not only did he tie the record, but with a hat-trick he set a new one in 253 and counting. Barcelona ended up winning the game 5-1. Real Madrid defeated Eibar 4-0 to keep the lead of “La Liga” after 12 weeks. In the MLS Playoffs L.A. Galaxy took the lead on the first leg of the Western Conference Final with a 1-0 win and the New England Revolution beat Thierry Henry and the New York Red Bulls 2-1 on the Eastern Conference Final. In Mexico the playoffs are set and America will be facing Pumas, Tigres against Pachuca, Atlas will play against Monterrey and Toluca will have Chiapas as their opponent in the first elimination round.


Medal Count as of November 24 at noon. (Veracruz 2014)
Medal Count as of November 24 at noon. (Veracruz 2014)

Mexico continues to dominate the medal count in Veracruz with just a week to go in the games but Cuba is closing in strong and with the wide range of track and field events they might find what they need to attack the host nation. Some of the highlights from last week were Horacio Nava’s (MEX) first place in the 20 km. race-walk with a time of 1:25:05 while Mirna Ortiz from Guatemala took gold on the women’s side with a Games record of 1:35:43. In soccer both teams from Mexico (men and women) advanced to semifinals with a perfect streak during the group stage. The men will face Cuba while the women will play Costa Rica. Mexico dominated the synchronized swimming events with seven out of seven wins and that can be considered as to what is making the difference between Cuba’s 63 gold medals and the 67 earned by Mexico so far. Colombia is in third with 51.


We are just getting started with a long basketball season and some teams are over the expectations while others are below. Lebron James came back to Cleveland hoping to be the secret element to bring the Cavs back to title contention. Up to this point we can say King James is missing having Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh by his side since the team he is now playing for is in an early season crisis after a four game losing streak. Toronto is the best team in the league so far with a 9-1 record after ten games. Both Dallas and San Antonio have a 7-3 record heading into the last week of november while the Lakers even with Kobe Bryant being Kobe Bryant can’t find a groove and are 3-7. Last week they were demolished by the Mavericks at Dallas 140-106 just after beating the Rockets on the road.

Last Week in Sports (10/13/14 to 10/19/14)

Here is a look at some of the most important stories in the world of sports this past week.


Once again I will start things off by talking about the Dallas Cowboys. The team was coming off an impressive victory on the road against the reigning Super Bowl Champs, the Seattle Seahawks. They had a bumpy week that started with Joseph Randle being caught stealing underwear and cologne at a store in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area (he will now endorse it). The next day a survey came out stating that the team owned by Jerry Jones was no longer America’s team, but now the Denver Broncos held that title. Pretty sure if that same survey was handed out today the Cowboys would recover that spot. Playing their first division game of the season against the New York Giants they had a shaky first half but a very solid second. DeMarco Murray  ran for 126 yards becoming the first player to go over 100 for seven consecutive games in the history of the NFL. Tony Romo had another great day in Arlington passing for 279 yards and three touchdowns. The Cowboys are now 6-1 after beating the Giants 31-21. Last time they started this well was in 2007.

On the Sunday Night Football game history was made. Peyton Manning tied Brett Favre’s record of 508 career touchdown passes and just moments later he went for a record setting 509 on a third and goal opportunity. Demaryius Thomas caught the ball that from now on will be displayed in Canton, Ohio at the NFL Hall of Fame museum. Manning would leave the game but not before he threw one more touchdown pass (510) against the San Francisco defense. It was a historic night at Mile High Stadium in Denver, Colorado where the dominant 42-17 win by the Broncos will hardly be remembered by the score.

WATCH: Peyton Manning 509 TD Pass


Euro 2016 Qualifiers continued early this week. Germany can’t find a way to play like it did to achieve the World Cup title just a few months back and was tied by Ireland in the last minutes of the game for a 1-1 draw. A header from Cristiano Ronaldo helped his national team (Portugal) get three points on its visit to Denmark 1-0. A game determined by UEFA (the European association that regulates soccer in Europe) as a high-risk match proved to be just that. Serbia hosted Albania hoping politic turmoil in between both nations did not affect the game but it was a drone flying over the field carrying a flag from Albania the last straw that angered Serbian players. One of them pulled the flag down and when that happened all hell broke loose and there was a big fight among players and those on the bench as well as in between fans in the stands. That way Martin Atkinson from England had no other choice but to suspend the game. While Albanian players were received as national heroes, Serbia wants UEFA to award them an automatic win. Chances are both teams get suspended from competition from now in.

In Mexico the national league is only four games away from going into playoffs. America played Monterrey hoping to get a win after two straight games without it. They did just that playing against a team that was in second place before the game and now sits in the fifth spot after. Monterrey after losing 0-2 against the leaders of the competition has let Toluca, Atlas and Tigres stand in the way between them and the top of the leaderboard. Chivas, one of the most popular teams in the league hired a new coach, (the same one that could not get Mexico to the World Cup) José Manuel de la Torre. They played León  who won the last championship setting the stage for a great comeback but in the end 2 goals from “La Fiera” and one from “El Rebaño” just made things worst .

In Spain the soccer world is getting ready to see Real Madrid play Barcelona in what is said to be the biggest rivalry around a soccer ball that there is in the world. Before that happens this past weekend Madrid played Levante in what seemed to be target practice for the team managed by Carlo Ancelotti. Two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo, one from James Rodriguez, one from Isco and another one from Javier “Chicharito” Hernández (his 3rd with Madrid), sealed a 5-0 victory the week prior to “El Superclásico”. On the other side, Messi is just one goal away from tying Telmo Zarra as the player with the most goals in “La Liga”(250). He scored once in the 3-0 win against Eibar and refused to be substituted late in the second half.


It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there. That is probably what both teams that will be playing in the MLB World Series told themselves after clinching a spot for the Wild Card game on their respective divisions a few weeks back. The Kansas City Royals have not been defeated in their first postseason run in 28 years. The team swept Oakland, L.A. Dodgers and the Orioles. The San Francisco Giants are a bit more used to playing this far into the season. They recently were crowned champions when playing against the Texas Rangers in the 2011 World Series. This time around they beat Pittsburgh in the Wild Card game, 3-1 in the series against the Washington Nationals, and 4-1 against the St. Louis Cardinals where the last game came down to the wire but a three-run home run by Travis Ishikawa in the bottom of the ninth inning sealed the deal at home for the Giants (6-3). The 2014 World Series between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants starts this tuesday.

On a quick note, the Texas Rangers announced Jeff Banister as their new skipper after Ron Washington resigned late in the 2014 Season due to personal problems after eight years leading the Rangers clubhouse leader. Banister comes from Pittsburgh hoping to bring the Rangers back to the postseason, an instance they have not showed up to in the past two campaigns.  I will address his personal story in a later date.


Major championships were over a while back in the PGA Tour this year but that doesn’t golf players have stayed at home since then. This past weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, Ben Martin took the win finishing 20 strokes under par, just two strokes below his closest competitor Kevin Streelman. Mexico’s rookie Carlos Ortiz played in his second tournament as a PGA pro and that did not seem to matter. The former Mean Green golfer finished tied for 18th spot with 11 strokes below par. He is now 33rd in the Fedex Cup Rankings.


Just three weeks ago the Marathon world record was shattered in Berlin, Germany. This past sunday, Abraham Cheroben was aiming to do the same with Zersenay Tadese’s World Record of 58:23. The 21-year-old Kenyan ran the Medio Maratón Valencia with that goal. “I’m satisfied with my win but I’m not totally happy because I was targeting a world record today. I’m convinced I can break the 58-minute barrier for the distance”, were the Cheroben’s words right after the race that has been won by Kenyans the past nine editions. His time of 58:48 is the fastest time for anyone who has ran this distance the past two years.


The Formula 1 is on a two week break from racing. While the Formula travels from Europe to America in Mexico City representatives from “Tilke”, a german architecture firm presented the design of the new “Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez” track which will be used to host the “Mexico Grand Prix” on November 1st of 2015 per the preliminary calendar. The track is expected to be the second fastest in the world just behind the historic Monza circuit in Italy. Cars should be able to reach a top speed of 328 kms/h and organizers expect to receive over 120,000 fans at the track’s grounds on race day.

WATCH: F1 Mexico Grand Prix Track Design

In NASCAR Brad Keselowski took the checkered flag at the GEICO 500 in Talladega. 32 of the 43 drivers that started the race finished in the same lap that the leader did. Matt Kenseth who is also fighting for the Sprint Cup championship made it finished just 0.141 seconds behind Keselowski. With just four races to go in the season it is Joey Logano from Team Penske who leads the pack. He finished 11th at Talladega in a race that had 38 lead changes.


Mexican racquetball player Paola Longoria had not made major headlines in Mexico until last night when she lost against the American Rhonda Rajsich at the Stockton Pro Am (11-9, 5-11, 14-12, 5-11, 11-4). The reason this was important was because it meant the end to a 152 game winning streak from the mexican superstar. Oddly enough it happened against the same person she had lost to in may of 2011. Since that game Longoria had not lost a single match until now. Longoria’s chance to restart her streak will come at the Central American Games in Veracruz, Mexico from november 14 to the 30th.

Last Week in Sports (10/06/14-10/12/14)

Starting today, every monday I will be posting a summary of the most important news in the world of sports over the weekend.


Even though we still have to wait to see how the Monday Night Football game pans out to be, it will hardly overtake the show that Seattle and the Dallas Cowboys displayed yesterday at CenturyLink Field, the house of the 12th man. (considered the second loudest stadium in the NFL right behind Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City)

Dallas was coming off an overtime win over the Houston Texans at home but was expected to face an even harder test on the road against the Super Bowl XLVII Champions.  Things did not start well for the team managed by Jason Garrett and due to a couple of mistakes early in the game, they fell behind 10-0. The underdog responded quickly with some great plays by Tony Romo and came back to take the lead 10-17 before halftime. A fielding mistake by the special teams and a mistimed pass by Travis Frederick were key mistakes to give hope to the Seahawks and turn things around in their favor 20-17. Cowboys came back to tie but another field goal by the Seahawks gave the lead to a team that was getting lucky.

The key play of the game happened with less than five minutes to go in the game. 3rd and 20 for the Cowboys and Tony Romo avoids a couple of sacks to find Terrance Williams 23 yards away. Williams makes the best catch of the game right on the borderline of the field having his toes save him from an incomplete pass. In that same series DeMarco Murray takes the ball for a touchdown and gives the Cowboys its 5th win of the season. They will play division rivals (New York Giants, Washington Redskins) the next two weeks before traveling to London to play the Jaguars.


With most club activity suspended for the week due to FIFA Dates national teams in North and South America played friendly games while teams in Europe continued Euro 2016 Qualifiers. Mexico played Honduras on thursday and won 2-0 with goals from Oswaldo Alanis and “Chicharito” Hernández who is now just nine goals behind Jared Borgetti as the all-time best national team scorer. On sunday they played Panama and with the first goal of Erik Torres with the national team they took the win (1-0).

Among other important results Landon Donovan said farewell to the U.S. Men’s National Team. He played his last 40 minutes with the jersey he wore 157 times and 19 of them as the captain of the squad. After not being included by Jurgen Klinsmann to play in the World Cup the decision of retiring was clear for the best soccer player to ever represent the red, white and blue on a soccer field. Unfortunately after a memorable night Ecuador’s Enner Valencia tied the game in its final stretch for a 1-1 draw.

Brazil beat Argentina in what is probably the biggest rivalry in soccer at an international level. Diego Tardelli scored both goals for the “Verde Amarela”. Messi had a chance from the penalty spot to temporarily tie the game but he missed. This friendly game was played in Beijing, China.

In Euro 2015 Qualifiers scores Spain beat Luxemburg 4-0 after falling 2-1 earlier in the week to Slovakia. England had an easy week winning 5-0 over San Marino and 1-0 over Estonia. France beat Portugal 2-1 even with Ronaldo on the pitch but even more shocking Germany lost against Poland 0-2.


We are approaching the very end of a very long baseball season and surprises keep popping up. Probably the biggest one is that the L.A. Dodgers aren’t in the hunt for a World Series anymore. Now the Kansas City Royals are back to a spot they are not very used to be in. They are facing the Orioles in the American League Championship Series who are also pretty unfamiliar with this stages. Their rival in the biggest stage in baseball will come from the winner between the San Francisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals who are playing to reach the National League Championship Series to access the World Series.


A very unusual week unfolded in Formula 1. Most people have now seen or heard the accident in which Marussia’s driver Jules Bianchi was involved back in the Japan Grand Prix. Today Bianchi is still in critical condition in a hospital in Japan and is being supervised by a medical team lead by two doctors provided by Ferrari. Most of the people that surround F1 races say they are having a tough time dealing with the situation. But the show must go on and Russia welcomed the highest category in auto-racing for the first time. A circuit with lots of turns and few spaces to overpass other drivers built around the same Olympic Park that hosted the recent 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

It was again the Mercedes drivers who occupied the top two positions . Lewis Hamilton came in first after leading the whole race and Nico Rosberg finished second in a competition where most cars only needed one stop Marussia only had Max Chilton’s car on track as a tribute to his teammate. Unfortunately he had to abandon the race early on due to technical difficulties. With the 1-2 for Mercedes Benz drivers, the team secured the Constructors Championship with three races to go in the season. Apparently Russia is having to pay $50 million as a hosting fee per year for this new venture. Next up is the United States Grand Prix in Austin (special coverage from the Circuit of the Americas, stay tuned).


Roger Federer has shown the world he is not done playing great tennis. The swiss who for a very long time had ranked number one in the world won the Shanghai Masters for the first time in his career after defeating Frenchman Gilles Simon 7-6 (8-6) 7-6 (7-2). A close match that was mostly defined by Federer’s efficiency from the net taking 24 of 35 points. With the absence from Nadal in the tournament, combined with this result, Federer is now second in the ATP Rankings just behind Novak Djokovic.


There were close to ideal conditions in the “Windy City” yesterday for the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. No world-records were broken, nor even course records and that is mostly due to a highly conservative pace from the leaders on both the women’s and men’s side of the field. It was a Kenyan podium on the men’s side with Eliud Kipchoge taking first place with a time of 2:04:11. Followed by Sammy Kitwara and Dickson Chumba less than a minute behind. On the women’s side Rita Jeptoo won the race with a 2:24:35 Rita Jeptoo (KEN) 2:24:35, Mare Dibaba came second and Florence Kiplagat finished third. Jeptoo from Kenya also clinched the 2013-2014 World Marathon Majors title.


Finally mexican golfer Carlos Ortiz made his PGA debut at the Frys.com Open in Napa Valley, California. The University of North Texas alumni and “Web.Com Player of the Year”finished with a scorecard of one stroke under par to rank 57 allowing him to rank 56 in the PGA Tour. Also Paola Longoria from Mexico won the U.S. Open in racquetball after defeating María José Vargas from Argentina 3-0 at Minneapolis. It is Longoria’s fifth U.S. Open title and 150th consecutive win for the player from San Luis Potosi.

Running Out of RE2PECT

It was the bottom of the ninth inning at Oriole Park at Camden Yards when Kelly Johnson hit the ball hard to deep center field and pushed the Orioles past his old team, the New York Yankees for a 3-2 final score.

No only that meant that the game would not go into extra-innings, it pretty much meant the team from Bronx, New York is out of contention for a post-season ticket. The New York Yankees have to win almost every single game out of the 15 remaining in the regular season to get a miracle as they are now 5 games behind the Orioles in the East Division of the American League. Apparently we are looking at a post-season without Yankees, Red Sox and Texas Rangers.

It also means we may only be 15 games away from saying goodbye to one of the best baseball players of all times. Derek Jeter has taken the spotlight of this season on what he is calling it his “farewell” season. Everywhere the captain of the NYY goes, there will be some kind of ceremony in his honor. The 40-year old shortstop has spent 19 years as a professional baseball player and he has always belonged to the same team.

Jeter has played in over 2,700 games adding up 3,450 hits (259 home runs) with a batting average of .309 throughout his whole career. Jeter was destined to become one of the game’s greatest from a very young age as he was awarded “High School Player of the Year” in 1992 and was drafted by the Bronx team immediately before even thinking on going to college. Just two years later the skinny right-handed player was named “Minor League Player of the Year”. On May 29, 1995 Derek Jeter would make his professional debut against the Seattle Mariners. In 1996 he was awarded “Rookie of the Year”.

Success kept coming towards Jeter that continued to amaze everyone that saw him play either at the ballpark or on television. Consecutive World Series titles in 1998, 1999 and 2000 just added gold letters to his legacy not only to his name but the whole game of baseball. It was in the 2000 World Series when he accomplished his biggest personal title, he was then named “Most Valuable Player” of the Fall Classic and also the All-Star Game.

In 2009, almost 15 years after his debut another record was added to his curriculum, with his 2,722nd hit surpassing Lou Gehrig’s record as the ball player with the most hits wearing a Yankees uniform. Today he is the active-player with the most hits and occupies the sixth spot on the Major League Baseball  All-Time hit list. He also hold the Yankees records for games played, stolen bases, at-bats and singles.

Also in 2009, MLB commissioner Bud Selig described the number two as Major League Baseball’s foremost champion and ambassador. You embody all the best of Major League Baseball. … You have represented the sport magnificently throughout your Hall of Fame career. On and off the field, you are a man of great integrity, and you have my admiration.”

Jeter won 5 World Series Championships with the Yankees
Jeter won 5 World Series Championships with the Yankees (fasthorseinc.com)

Selig said it best, Jeter has really sparked an interest in baseball not only in the United States but also around the world. His undeniable talent has always been backed up by unmatchable statistics across the plate. Even though his numbers may not be as hot in his last seasons, there is not much more Jeter can give to the sport of baseball, he has done enough already.

I could spend all day and write a whole book about everything that Jeter has accomplished with the exception of a University Degree, the man has done it all. He is sure to find a shortcut to MLB Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York whenever his career is over. Yesterday Johnson could have set that date for september 28 at Fenway Park against “Big Papi”and the Boston Red Sox, the NYY most fierce rival.

Post-season might be a more fitting finish for Jeter’s career, but even though it may all soon be over, his legacy to the Yankees and to the game will last forever.