Sunday Night Football! (Cowboys vs Giants)

They say that a season builds up as the games go by and that the first game of the season is just another pre-season game. Well, there was nothing of that when two NFC East teams met at AT&T Stadium for Week 1 of the 2015 NFL Season. The New York Giants came to the land of the Cowboys and they were up for a rodeo.

The experience begins with tailgating. Cowboys and Giants fans were waiting for this game since the end of last season. They wanted to see what their teams brought to the table this season. Before that, the outskirts of Jerry World were filled with fans grilling and getting ready for the game, The biggest rivalry in the NFC East.

Nothing spectacular really happened in the first quarter with one field goal for each team. In the second quarter it was the Giants who took the lead thanks to a touchdown and another field goal. They would hit the halftime break with a 13-6 scoreline favoring the visiting team.

Whenever Dallas seemed to have a chance to make things right and open up a bigger lead, they got in trouble. Over the course of the game, the New York Giants recovered three balls due to fumbles or interception, including a 57-yard return in the second quarter. Things like these seemed to happen every time that Dallas was starting to find some momentum going.

In the second half, things started to change in favor of Dallas. They would win the third quarter 7-3 and trail by only six points going into the last 15 minutes. Dallas had not lost any of their previous two games against the Giants last season, but things were historically not pretty for Tony Romo and his team against Eli Manning and the team from the Big Apple.

With wide receiver Dez Bryant out of the game, the Cowboys had to go with Terrance Williams, Gavin Escobar and Jason Witten for the most part. Lance Dunbar also had a good game as he starts getting involved in more snaps as a running back. The former North Texas Eagle was vital in the last play of the game for Dallas. He ran the ball 40-yards in two plays, getting Dallas within scoring position.

In the last play of the game for the Cowboys, there were only seven seconds on the clock and no time-outs left. Romo even dropped the ball as it was coming to his hands, but he was able to pick it up and throw it to the one-yard line, where Jason Witten was waiting to just take it a few steps further into the end zone and the rest is history.

WATCH: Cowboys vs Giants highlights (Provided by NFL)

What you may have not seen on TV or at least felt, was how almost 90,000 fans reacted to that touchdown. Being at that game, at that moment and not leaving early was definitely a great decision for anyone that though that the game would have been over five minutes ago. The Cowboys had made a comeback with less than two minutes in the clock, over the New York Giants. The reaction from the crowd at the time of the big play and leaving AT&T Stadium was wild.

Now the Cowboys have started their season with a big win against a big rival. They will face the Eagles next in Philadelphia next, What happened during last Sunday Night’s Football at the House that Jerry Built, was not pretty, was not perfect, but it was worth however much any fan paid for their ticket. The Giants played a good game but this time it just wasn’t enough.

Being there to experience the whole thing was definitely priceless.

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