When One Call Changes History

Before the season started I was asked during a job interview if the Seattle Seahawks were going to win the Super Bowl after defeating San Francisco for their first league title. My answer was no. I honestly did not see them making it to Glendale, Arizona this time around. I was one call from being wrong.

Other than the Cowboys, I do like the Seahawks when it comes to teams in the NFC. The big names in the team were not selected as big guys in the draft. It was Pete Carroll and his staff the ones that have developed household names in every position. This past Sunday, they were one yard away from achieving greatness and suddenly blew it.

Both teams were at the Super Bowl because of their ability to study their opponents. Seattle came into the big game with the #1 defense in the league, New England was not too far back. The Legion of Boom was dominated by Tom Brady’s short and quick passing. Russell Wilson almost had to wait until the end of the first half to complete one pass.

While the stats suggested that Bill Bellichick’s team could have the lead, the score was tied at 14 before Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot took the stage for the halftime show.

As soon as the third quarter began the Seahawks had the momentum of the game. They scored a touchdown and a field goal to get a ten-point lead. If the numbers really mattered, Brady and his guys could have decided to leave the stadium by then. No team in Super Bowl history had overcome a 10-point deficit in the final quarter of a Super Bowl.

Brady is one of the worst quarterbacks when it comes to throwing passes of 20 or more yards. Throwing short passes and running the ball via his running backs are his specialty. At 37, he barely moves out of the pocket. His precision lead the way and in two consecutive possessions they got a three point lead (28-24).

With just over two-minutes to go they turned the pressure onto the Seahawks. Wilson went with long passes and a few rushing plays. It was a pass to Jermaine Kearse on the four-yard-line that gave the Seahawks a reason to believe they would earn a second consecutive Super Bowl win. A play that the rookie Malcolm Butler from the Patriots had not been able to break.

At that point there was no reason to believe destiny was on the Seahawks side. They were destined to win the game and destroy my prediction. Beast Mode carried the ball to the one-yard line. With 26 seconds on the clock, one time out left for Seattle and just a second and goal opportunity almost everyone around the world knew what to do next.

Pete Carroll had other plans decided Wilson should throw a slant instead of running the ball. Wilson executed the play but the ball ended in Butler’s hands. The Patriots won the game and the Super Bowl for a fourth time in franchise history. Tom Brady, earned his fourth championship ring in seven league finals. Those four titles set him in the same list as Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with the most SB wins.

The man is not planning to retire for as long as he thinks he can still play. The Patriots can keep dreaming of titles with Bill and Brady in the team. By the way, Super Bowl XLIX set a record tv audience of almost half the population of the United States tuning in to watch the big game.

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